I think it is as beautiful as it is unfortunate that the sun is so far away from the sea. There are times that they meet in the horizon, those few fleeting moments when the sun is about to set. Almost as if they cross paths only to say goodbye.
          I think it is as beautiful as it is unfortunate that maybe sometimes we need to accept the way things are. Like the way the sun and the sea will never touch. But I promise, the sun will always kiss the surface of the sea through its light.


Sometimes I am careless
so I hide the keys in the glove compartment
and forget about them. I would search
for days and days only to remember
where I put them
and laugh
at how stupid I was.
Sometimes I am careless I let my
feelings loose on the garden and forget
that I wasn’t supposed to think
about you. You see,
I don’t fix my bed in the morning and I always
manage to get coffee stains on my dress.
My desk is crowdedwithstacksofletters
dripping with thick ink and there are crumpled
h e a r t s
scattered on the floor.
I can’t even tie my shoelaces
without having to remind myself that you’re
not here to fix the tangles
if I ever
get them wrong.
Even now you can see how messy I am
I cannot
my own
in this
          poem and my feelings 
   are              all over
Sometimes I am so careless I forget
that although it was you who wrecked havoc,
it was I
who can fix myself.

There were days when we were so casual about leaving.
Those days were the ones I adore the most.
Leaving the dishes on the sink. Leaving the letters without reply. Leaving the garden untended.
Leaving the clothes on the floor.
We never feel ashamed for the way we did things
with a wild abandon. I always loved how we break
each other’s heart – it was loud and deafening and our
neighbors knock on our door to shut us up.
God, I loved how we ripped each other’s skin.
There are days that I still find myself scribbling your
name on the sand, and I mentally scold myself when I do.
I wonder when I became addicted to goodbyes.
And then I wonder when I’ll ever stop.

they say wings were made to fly
but maybe i wasn’t listening back then
because mine were made just so
i can wrap them around you and then
we can freely fall instead

you don’t have to be afraid to fall

I loved the hair that sticks up your head when you get off the bed in the morning. I loved the pup you gave me on my twenty-first birthday. I loved the songs you wrote for me during that one foolish summer. And although I’m not happy to admit it, I loved you with a love that lasts more than all my lifetimes put together. I loved the many things I loved without holding back. I loved them enough to put them in a pretty little box, finishing off with a ribbon. One day I’m going to knock on your door and hand it back to you. One day I’ll be proud of me.